CITY TOUR PuertoMontt - PuertoVaras - Frutillar

Itinerary: Puerto Montt - Llanquihue Lake - Puerto Varas - Frutillar

Duration: 5-8 hours depending on what time the group comes ashore and at what time the ship leaves.

Transportation: Hyundai H1 Minivan or another transportation depending on the number of tourists.

Tour starts: As soon as disembark all passengers, we immediately start the tour. Taking into account that the cruise ship is in port only for a few hours, we start the tour no later than 10:00

Return: At the latest, one hour before departure of the last ship tender; the excursion can be reduced, if necessary.

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Description of the tour

The tour starts from the town of Puerto Montt, from the main square, the cathedral and a viewing platform overlooking the Reloncavi Sound and the city.

Then we will go on to the shore of Lake Llanquihue and the town of Puerto Varas. Here we will visit the church, main square, handicraft market and the coastway. In good weather the place offers amazing views of the Calbuco Volcano and one of the most beautiful volcanoes in Chile - Osorno Volcano.

After lunch we will go to the town of Frutillar, which is also situated on the shore of Lake Llanquihue. There we will visit the German colonial museum - the old manor house with all the old-time tools and instruments, water mill, and the smithy.

After that we will return to Puerto Montt. Passengers may ride directly to the port or remain at the Angelmo Handicraft Fair. This market is famous for local handicrafts and fresh seafood, and is a five minute walk from the port.

Price starts from 65 USD per person

For detailed information about tour availability and the final price, please contact us.

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