We invite you to explore the most beautiful places of the Lake District, North Area of the Chilean Patagonia.

Before beginning to work as a guide in this region, I was employed for more than five years in tourism in Austria, Turkey and Kyrgyzstan. In my opinion and the opinion of tourists with whom I have spoken, Chile, with its variety of natural scenery is one of the most beautiful areas of the planet.

When traveling in this country it is a must to visit the Lake District - an integral part of numerous tourist destinations in Chile, like the Atacama Desert, Central Valley and Patagonia. If you are also a lover of nature, you will get great pleasure by visiting the evergreen rainforests of North Patagonia.

In the Lake District there are six national parks, which are the real value of this region and attract to this area a lot of tourists. Each of these parks is different in its beauties and proper characteristics. Some of them are characterized by the dense vegetation, with immense trees that have plants and mosses growing of there trunks, beautiful lakes and hidden lagoons. Other parks have majestic volcanoes and thermal springs. In some of them there are unique millennial trees on the planet, age of some specimens can reach up to 4000 years.

Thanks to the soft climate, during almost whole year we are going for a walk in the parks. The mean temperature in the summer is about +20°C and in the winter about +7°C. In the summer months between November and March we offer daily excursions to national parks Alerce Andino, Vicente Perez Rosales, Puyehue, Hornopiren and Llanquihue reserve. These months are the most favorable for visits. Also we offer regionally traditional excursions that allow visitors to discover not only the natural beauties of this area, but also to take a closer look at the history and culture.

The places most visited by the tourists are the cities of Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas, Frutillar, Calbuco and, of course, the Island of Chiloe with its colony of penguins and cities of Castro and Ancud. There are also ancient fortresses, different museums and numerous fishermen's villages. It is also a must to taste typical meals of the region, which for the most part are prepared with fresh seafood.

Denis Purtov